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Inside the Parkes Radio Telescope

The Parkes Radio Telescope held an open day to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Tours gave the public a rare glimpse inside the telescope. Normally, visitors are not allowed inside the telescope, because it is a working scientific facility.


The tour entered the telescope through the front doors.

Look up to see the windows from the two levels of the base.

360°x180° Spherical Panorama

Ground level

After the entrance, there is a kitchen where a scene from The Dish was filmed.

A flight of stairs lead up to the first level.

360°x180° Spherical Panorama

Level 1

The first level appears to be for offices. Directly above the first set of steps is another set of steps that lead up to level 2.

Notice the colourful poster of radio frequencies on the wall.

360°x180° Spherical Panorama

Level 2

The second level is where all the equipment and instruments are located.

This is a working facility filled with modern equipment. The Dish was not filmed here, but on a soundstage recreated to look like it did in the 1969.

360°x180° Spherical Panorama

360°x180° Spherical Panorama

Level 3

Exiting from the second level, and climbing a set of outside stairs, is the azimuth track level. A walkway goes around the entire base.

360°x180° Spherical Panorama

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