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Cayman Islands

I stopped off in the Cayman Islands on the way to Florida, since you cannot travel directly from Cuba to the USA.

The Cayman Islands is famous for its beaches. Seven Mile Beach is on Grand Cayman, the largest of the Cayman Island’s three islands.

Seven Mile Beach

The Cayman Islands is also famous as a tax haven. Ugland House is the symbol of this: this small building is the address where over 18,000 corporate entities are registered.

Ugland House

At the north of Grand Cayman is a place called Hell. There is a post office and a gift shop here—which could be some people’s definition of Hell.


The real reason for the name is because of the sharp rock formations there.


A collection of sharp volcanic rock that would be very painful to walk across.

Hell close up

The message of salvation. To get out of this hell, I simply took a bus back into town.

Back of Hell

In George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands, I took a trip in a submarine.


This submarine takes visitors to a depth of about 30 metres to explore the oceans around the Cayman Islands.

This trip was very full, since several cruise ships had arrived and brought with them many visitors.

Submarine interior

The reef had many colourful fishes, including these brightly coloured Blue Chromis fish.

Sea life