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Cuba Flag
Cuba Flag

The Capitolio Nacional is similar to the US Capitol Building in Washington, and it one of the most impressive buildings in downtown Havana.

Capitol building
Capitolio Nacional

Beautiful old cars are common in Cuba. It is romantically sold to tourists as a time warp back to the 1950s. But one must remember that the 1950s was a time before catalytic converters, air conditioning and seat belts!

Old cars
Classic cars of Cuba.

Many streets in old Havana contain buildings in a state of decay, but there are people everywhere and the community spirit seems strong.

Old Havana streets
Streets of old Havana.

The old Havana is a Unesco World Heritage Site because of these beautiful old buildings.

Old building
Old buildings in Havana.

Although there are not much money or resources in Cuba, a lot of Unesco money is flowing in to fund restoration work.


The buildings in Plaza Vieja have been restored.

Restored building

Havana even has a Chinatown. Though this one was actually created in the 1990s by the Cuban government for tourists. Although the area once had many Chinese people, there aren’t many around anymore.

Chinatown, Havana
The entrance to Chinatown in Havana.
Restored building

There are many plazas throughout the city. This is the Plaza de San Francisco de Asis.

Plaza de San Francisco de Asis

Plaza de la Catedral.

Plaza de la Catedral

Book sellers in the Plaza de Armas.

Book stalls in Plaza de Armas

The Capitolio Nacional stands out in the skyline of old Havana.

Havana rooftops

The Capitolio Nacional is also visible from across the bay.


A beautiful old building in Habana Vieja.

Hotel Raquel

A famous (or infamous) hotel in Havana.

Hotel Nacional

Imaging building a new hotel and then less than a year later it was commandeered by revolutionary rebels. Conrad Hilton does not have to imagine: Castro took over and, for a while, ran the country from its upper suites.

Habana Libre

About 200kms west of Havana is the Viñales area. This mural was painted to many years ago to attract visitors to the area.

Mural de la Prehistoria

The limestone mogotes are the major attraction of the area.


Across the bay lies an old fort.


The famous sea drive of Havana: old buildings, cars, pedestrians and a huge sea wall.

Fishing on the Malecón
Sunset over the Maleco