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Cape Royds

This was Shackleton’s hut from his Nimrod expedition.

Shackleton's Nimrod hut

There wasn’t much room inside. This hut is smaller than Scott’s hut.


They had lots of candles and salt.

Inside Shackleton's hut

A central stove was used for cooking and kept the hut warm.


The weather changes quickly in Antarctica. When we arrived the bay was clear of ice, but the wind changed and the pack ice came in, which meant we had to quickly evacuate.

Cape Royds

While some of us were waiting, some Adelie penguins came over.

Penguins come

They had a look at the strange humans trying to cross the ice to get back to their ship.

Penguins have a look

But they got bored of that and went back.

Penguins go

After leaving Ross Island, we sailed around to have a look at the Ross Ice Shelf. We could only see a small part of this huge ice shelf – 487 000 km2 and roughly the size of France. This was at about 3am in the morning, but it was still light because the sun doesn’t set here during the summer.

Ross Ice Shelf

On the way south we saw this iceberg.

First iceberg

On the way north we saw this iceberg.