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Cape Evans

Cape Evans is on Ross Island, at the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf. It is about as far south as you can go on a ship, so it makes a good place for explorers going to the South Pole. Scott’s hut is here.

Ross Island is dominated by the 3743m (12280 ft) Mt Erebus. Often it is hidden by cloud, but today were were blessed by clear blue skies and calm winds. You can see so far in Antarctica because the air is so clear.

Mt Erebus

Mt Erebus is an active volcano and we could see some steam rising from it.

Scott's hut and Mt Erebus

This was the base for Scott’s Terra Nova expedition, where he reached the South Geographic Pole but died on the journey back.

Scott's hut
Sled skis outside Scott's hut
Boxes inside Scott's hut
Stove inside Scott's hut
Bed inside Scott's hut

We were fortunate to see an emperor penguin. They are usually out at sea at this time of the year.

Emperor penguin
Scott's hut

It wasn’t that cold!

Scott's Terra Nova Hut