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Cape Adare

Sailing in the bay of Cape Adare. Usually this bay is blocked by ice, but this season it was clear and we could go in.

Cape Adare

The bay of Cape Adare was surrounded by mountains and glaciers.

Mountains and glaciers

Adele penguins swimming in the bay. They frequently jump out of the water as the swim.

Porpoising penguins

A Weddell seal

Baby seal
Adelie penguin

The chicks have to loose all their down feather before they can swim in the sea.

Adelie penguin chick

Borchgrevink’s party were the first to spend a winter in Antarctica. Their well built Norweigan huts, the first buildings ever built in Antarctica, are still standing today.

Borchgrevink's hut

The stove inside Borchgrevink’s hut.


Borchgrevink’s hut

Kitchen and table

The other side of the huts. The roof of one hut has collapsed, but the other one has been repaired.

Rear of Borchgrevink's huts