Antarctica 2011

To be human means to explore. And one of the most remotest place on earth to explore is Antarctica.

Antarctica is so remote that its land was only first seen by people in 1820. During the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, explorers braved the cold and isolation to discover its secrets. Expeditions would usually arrive in summer, before the pack ice surrounded the continent. They would spend the entire winter in Antarctica, entirely isolated until a ship could return the next summer.

Those expeditions centred around the Ross Sea, since it was the most southern part of Antarctica that could be reached by sea. And it made Hobart in Australia, and Christchurch in New Zealand the gateway to Antarctic exploration.

This expedition began in Hobart, in January 2011. About 100 years after Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole arrived on Ross Island on 4 January 1911. The expedition disembarked in Christchurch, a few days before the tragic earthquake in Christchurch on 22 February 2011.

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Macquarie Island
A remote island half-way between Australia and Antarctica.
Cape Adare
Antarctica mainland.
Cape Evans
Site of Scott's hut.
Cape Royds
Site of Shackleton's hut.
Campbell Island
New Zealand sub-antarctic island.
Spherical panoramas
View spherical panoramas of Antarctica