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Waterloo Station

Waterloo Station, in London, is one of the locations used in The Bourne Ultimatum movie.

In the movie Waterloo Station was the terminal for the Eurostar. The Eurostar terminal was originally here, but has now moved to London St Pancras.

This is one of the entrances into Waterloo Station.


Inside is a very busy place. No wonder Jason Bourne chose this place to meet Simon Ross, the reporter.


This is where the rotating billboard was. Maybe they changed it after the movie came out, because passengers were worried about CIA assets hiding behind it.


Just like in the movie, there are CCTV cameras everywhere.


There are cameras everywhere.


This is the liquor store where Simon Ross is told to hide in. It is exactly like it is in the movie, complete with a back door.


Unlike the movie, there is no door with a round window in it. Every part of the center kiosk is devoted to shop front, so there is no space for an external door. And certainly there is no door from which Simon Ross could have seen the entrance from. In the movie this door is also a fake.

Shops at Waterloo Station