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Pavia is a nice town south of Milan. There are many historical sights in the city.

But since I’ve been to Pavia before, we will start with something different: a visit the Museum of Electrical Technology. Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the battery and for whom the unit Volt was named after, was a professor at the University of Pavia. This is a museum that is a tribute to his discoveries.

This is the entrance to the museum. As you can see, it is located on the modern campus of the University of Pavia, on the outskirts of the city.

Pavia Museum of Electrical Technology

Italians were leaders in the discovery and use of electricity. Marconi was famous for inventing the wireless.

Marconi spark gap

Marconi was a household name because of the wireless radios that were sold under his name.

Wireless radios
Early telex machine?

Ever wonder what is inside an induction hotplate? No, neither have I, but this is what is inside them.

Induction hotplate

A working model of an early electricity generating machine. This was quite interesting to see, because I have previously only seen them illustrated in books.

Electricity generator

A model of an early battery.

Pavia Museum of Electrical Technology

This is the main museum of the University of Pavia. It is located in a classic building on the campus in the heart of Pavia. This museum is definitely worth visiting. But it has irregular opening hours. This is my third trip to Pavia, and finally got here when it was opened. There’s no photography inside, so this is all I can show you–you’ll have to visit it for yourself.

Pavia University Museum

Pavia University’s most famous scientist was Alessandro Volta for his work in developing the battery.

Alessandro Volta

Markings to measure solar movements.

University of Pavia

Another solar measuring inscription on a building.

Astronomical markings

Pavia was known as the City of the One Hundred Towers. Nobel families built them to symbolize their power. Today only a few towers remain.

Medieval towers of Pavia

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