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Lick Observatory

The Lick Observatory is located on Mt Hamilton in the Diablo Range east of San Jose.

The observatory was funded by James Lick as part of a trust that he established shortly before his death in 1876. There is a fascinating story about the life of James Lick and the construction of the observatory.

Lick Observatory
Lick Observatory
Other domes

One of the modern telescopes in the facility.

Main dome

This was the main telescope of the original observatory. The biggest single lense telescope in the world at the time.

36-inch refractor
36-inch refractor
Control panel

So that a person can look through the telescope when it is at different angles, the entire floor moves up and down.

Moving floor
Moving floor

This is the base of the telescope, underneath the moving floor.

Underneath the telescope

And here we find James Lick’s grave.

Grave of James Lick

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