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Tunisia is a beautiful country that is full of history.

It is also where many scenes from the Star Wars movies were filmed. When I visited the country in 2007—thirty years after the first Star Wars movie—many of the filming locations had hardly changed.

Hear about my trip on the Amateur Traveler podcast, Episode 132: Travel to Tunisia.

Capital of Tunisia
Gateway to the south (and Anakin Skywalker's home)
A town rich in Berber architecture.
Ksar Haddada
Ksar used in Episode I
Berber villages
Ancient Berber villages around Tataouine
Town on the island of Jerba
Unground houses and Luke Skywalker's home.
A major tow in the west of Tunisia
Sidi Bouhlel
Star Wars Canyon, where many scenese from Episode IV were filmed.
Lars Homestead
The exterior of Luke Skywalker's home.
Mos Espa
A set built in the desert for Epsiode I.
El Jem
A town with a well preserved Roman colleseum.
The famous city where Hanabal came from.
Tunisia Locations
GPS locations.