Transbuild is a program to create and maintains Web sites by using XSLT to generate Web pages from XML files. It is a simple XML based content management system.

If you are tired of manually maintaining a Web site by hand, Transbuild might be just what you are looking for. It makes it easy to keep pages consistent, automatically create navigation links, and to apply changes across the entire Web site.

It generates the Web pages off-line. The XML source files can be created using any XML or text editor. Multiple XSLT transformations can be applied to the source files. The output files can be in HTML, XHTML, or some other format. Since the output are normal files, no special server or server-extension is required to use them - test them locally from the file system and upload them to any Web server.

You will need to know XSLT programming to exploit its full power. However, it can be set up so that content creators do not need to know XSLT: they just create presentation independent XML files. This has the added advantage that you maintain complete control over the presentation of the Web site. If you don't know XSLT, Transbuild might just convince you to learn this useful language!

Transbuild was written to create a previous incarnation of this Web site.


A tutorial and reference documentation can be found in the Transbuild manual, available as:


Transbuild runs on Unix and Unix-like environments (such as Mac OS X and Linux). If you are running Microsoft Windows, you can use it in the Cygwin environment.

It uses the libXML and libXSLT libraries. It is written in C++ and is available under the conditions of the GNU General Public License.