JackSVG examples


To view these examples, you will need a SVG viewer which supports declarative animations.

JackSVG was written for the Adobe SVG viewer, which was the most complete implementation of SVG back in 2002 when JackSVG was written. It was a plugin for Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, Adobe long since discontinued their SVG viewer, but you can still download and use it.

SVG is natively supported in some Web browsers. Opera 10 is probably the best one to use with these JackSVG examples (though there are bugs in it, the most obvious being the text is not displayed in the correct size). Firefox 3.5 does not support declarative animations and its support for some SVG layout elements is incomplete. Safari 4 supports some declarative animations, but not everything that JackSVG needs.

SVG presentations

Here are some examples of what JackSVG can produce.

The following example SVG files have been generated from a single presentation source file (in XML format) using different JackSVG stylesheets:

Some of these styles show help information when the "?" key is pressed. For this to work you may need to click on the slide first (so that the SVG viewer window receives the key press events). Click in the middle of the slide to safe (since the active areas are around the edges).


If you have not got a SVG viewer, then these screenshot images will give you an idea of what it can produce. Click on a thumbnail image to see a full size image.