Science and technology photos

Modern Places

Astronomical observatories

Apollo 11: 50th Anniversary trip to Parkes
NSW, Australia: Parkes Radio Telescope, Honeysuckle Creek, Tidbinbilla and more.
Lick Observatory
In the Diablo Range, east of San Jose, California, USA.


Royal Observatory, Greenwich
The prime meridan: longitude zero.

Historical places

Woolsthorpe Manor
Isacc Newton’s birthplace and family home in Lincolnshire, England.
Rutherford’s Den
Earnest Rutherford’s undergraduate lab in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Computer museums

The National Museum of Computing
Bletchley Park, UK.
Computer History Museum in 2004
Mountain View, California, USA.
Computer History Museum in 2009
Mountain View, California, USA.

Electrical technology museum

Museum of Electrical Technology
Museum in Pavia, the home town of Alessandro Volta who invented the battery.
RAF Air Defence Radar Museum
Neatishead, Norfolk, UK.

Aviation museums

The Australian Vintage Aircraft Society Museum
Caboolture, Queensland, Australia
Hiller Aviation Museum
San Carlos, California, USA.

Science museums

UQ Physics Museum
A small museum at The University of Queensland.