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Movies and shows

Star Wars

Filming locations

The desert planet of Tatooine.
Tikal National Park, Guatemala
The exterior of the Rebel base at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope.
Lake Como, Italy
The planet Naboo.
Caserta, Italy
The Theed Royal Palace on Naboo.
Skellig Michael, Ireland
Luke Skywalker’s hideaway and the first Jedi Temple on the planet Ahch-To.


Star Wars: The Myth of Magic
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, in 2002.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Balcombe farm house
Arthur Dent’s house from the 1981 BBC television series.
The Red Lion in Chelwood Gate
The pub that Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent go to in the 1981 BBC televison series.

Other movies

The Dish
Filming locations for The Dish.
Bourne Ultimatium: Tangiers, Morocco
Motorcycle chase scene.
Bourne Ultimatium: Waterloo Station
A single word spoken over the phone can lead to a busy railway station in London.