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Caribbean (December 2011)
A trip to Panama, Cuba, Cayman Islands and Florida.
Antarctica (January/February 2011)
An expedition to the Ross Sea area, visiting historical huts and sub-Antarctic islands.
China: Shanghai to Hong Kong (June 2010)
An overland trip from Shanghai to Hong Kong, seeing modern China and ancient wonders.

Round the world trip

WEST 2009
A round-the-world trip visiting Auckland, California, New York, Italy, Morocco, Gibraltar, Spain, Paris, UK, Hong Kong and Macau.


The starting place for my trip to Tunisia.
Gateway to the south, and Anakin's home.
The town, not the planet. A region rich in Berber architecture.
This particular Ksar was used filmed in Epsiode I.
Berber villages
Ancient Berber villages around Tataouine.
More Star Wars sites from Epsisode IV.
The underground houses, and the most famous Star Wars site: Luke's home.
A major town in the west of Tunisia.
Sidi Bouhlel
Star Wars Canyon, where many scenes were filmed.
Lars homestead
The exterior of Luke's home.
Mos Espa
An entire set, built in the desert.
El Jem
A Roman Colleseum
The famous city where Hanabal came from.


Adventures above the Arctic Circle.


A trip around the north end of Australia.


Three Gorges
A trip down the Yangzi river through the heart of China. A journey through the famous scenic Three Gorges region. This was taken in 2001, before the rising waters of the dam covered them.
A tour of Beijing, the capital of China. Beijing is a city full of history, grandeur and splendor. However, it is also a city of rapid development, change and revolution.

South America

The city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and the Inca ruins of Macchu Picchu.
Easter Island
A tiny island in the middle of the pacific holds some of the biggest mysteries of the ancient world.
Rio de Janeiro
Sun, surf, and a big Jesus statue — what more could you want?


Star Wars: The Myth of Magic
Star Wars is much more than a movie — it is a part of popular culture. Here are some highlights from my visit to the "Star Wars: Myth to Magic" exhibition when it toured the PowerHouse museum in Sydney in 2002.