I went on an expedition to the Ross Sea region of Antarctica -- where Scott and Shackleton made history. This area of Antarctica is south of New Zealand, and is much more remote than the Antarctic Peninsular near South America.

It was a wonderful privilege to be able to visit this special place. I hope you can share some of that experience through these photographs.


Macquarie Island
We embarked from Hobart in late January 2011. It took three days to reach Macquarie Island. The penguins and seals on this sub-Antarctic island were an amazing sight. We could have spent days there, but we had to sail on to Antarctica.
Cape Adare
After four and a half days of sailing we were excited to see land again -- especially when it is the Antarctic continent that we looked forward for so long to see. Cape Adare is the site of a large Adelie penguin rookery and Borchgrevink's huts.
Cape Evans
Then we sailed south through the expanse of the Ross Sea to Ross Island. Here we landed at Cape Evans and visited Scott's hut.
Cape Royds
That afternoon we sailed 11kms north and visited Shackleton's hut at Cape Royds.
Campbell Island
We visited Campbell Island on the way to Lyttleton, New Zealand (where we disembarked). It is a sub-Antarctic island where we went for a walk and saw megaherbs and nesting albatrosses.

Spherical panoramas

Experience Antarctica by viewing these spherical panoramas where you can look in every direction: 360° around, up, down, and zoom in and out.

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These panoramas work great on an iPad (try landscape mode), but the resolution is reduced so you can't zoom in too far. To see more detail, view them on a computer (try full screen mode). On a computer you can pan around using the arrow keys, and zoom in and out using the Shift and Ctrl keys.

Macquarie Island:

Buckles Bay
This is where we came ashore at Macquarie Island.
A reminder of Macquarie Island's past.

Cape Adare

Cape Adare
Along the beach, looking across the penguin rookery to Borchgrevink's huts.
Borchgrevink's hut (front)
In front of Borchgrevink's hut.
Borchgrevink's hut (back)
On the other side of Borchgrevink's huts.

Cape Evans, Ross Island

Scott's Terra Nova Hut
Scott's hut on Ross Island.
Old weather station
Halfway up the hill.
Wind Vane Hill
At the top of Wind Vane Hill.
On the edge of a lake a short walk from Scott's hut.

Cape Royds, Ross Island

Shackleton's Hut
The weather is very unpredictable in Antarctica, and we were very fortunate to have been able to made landings at all three huts on this trip. It started to lightly snow when this spherical panorama was being taken, but it is hard to imagine what it was like to have spent a whole winter here.


Australian Antarctic Division headquarters
The morning before embarking on this expedition, I visited the Australian Antarctic Division's headquarters in Kingston, Tasmania.


There are several non-Antarctic spherical panoramas that can be found on my 360cities profile page. They were taken in Tasmania before embarking, and in New Zealand after disembarking.