Silicon Valley tech tour

In the San Francisco Bay Area, I took some local friends on a technology tour. There is a lot of history in the Bay Area, if you know where to look.

This is a story of past achievements, today's world, and the advances of tomorrow. It is the story of the aspirations of entrepreneurs; man's struggle with natural laws; and vast fortunes that were made and lost. This place should be on the tourist map! People go to New York and visit the financial district, even though they are not bean counters or quants; so why shouldn't people go to San Francisco and visit Silicon Valley, even though they are not geeks?

Apple CampusInfinite LoopThe MothershipApple Company StoreBandley 6Bandley 6Jobs' GarageHP GarageHP Garage plaqueHP Garage streetShockley Semiconductory LaboratoryShockley Semiconductory LaboratoryShockley Semiconductory LaboratoryFairchild Semiconductor CorporationFairchild Semiconductor CorporationFairchild Semiconductor Corporation

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