Auckland, New Zealand

I've been to Auckland several times, but I've never been to the Auckland Skytower before. It seemed a bit too touristy. I was also practicing one of my travel tips: don't try and do everything, but leave something for next time--just in case you ever get the privilege to come back. Well, this trip was the next time, so up the tower I went.

The views were spectacular. It was touristy, but for a good reason. From the top you can see across the harbour and all around Auckland city. Maybe I should have visited it earlier, but it was good to have left it until now because I now know the city more and can recognise more of the landmarks.

Here are some of photos from the viewing level.

SkytowerAuckland University Clock TowerSouth-east AucklandEast AucklandNorth-east AucklandNorth AucklandNorth-west AucklandAuckland Harbour BridgeVictoria ParkAuckland MotorwaySouth AucklandSkyjump landing padSkyjump

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Collection: WEST 2009

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