Star Wars: The Myth of Magic

An exhibition about Star Wars, put together by the Smithsonian Instutute. These photos are from my visit to the exhibition when it toured the PowerHouse museum in Sydney, in October 2002.

EntranceStar DestroyerStar DestroyerStar Destroyer bowEscape podStormtrooperR2D2R2D2Tuscan RaiderJawaTraining remoteMillennium FalconMillennium FalconMillennium FalconMillennium FalconMillennium FalconYodaMillennium FalconMillennium FalconMillennium FalconHan Solo in carboniteMon Calamari star cruiserHan Solo in carboniteRappertunieB-wing starfighterAirspeeder controlsJedi library consoleAirspeederAmidalaLeia and stormtrooperC3POInterrogator droidR2D2C3POHan SoloChewbaccaTraining remoteDeath Star mouse droidJawaX-wingX-wingX-wing pilot suitLightsaberHoth equipmentLightsaberSnowspeederBobba FettBobba FettBobba FettHan Solo in carboniteDetonatorImperial guardDarth VaderDarth VaderObi WanZam Wesell's airspeederPrincess Amidala

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