Sony KV-HR36M31

The Sony KV-HR36M31 has been praised as the best television ever made.

Its timing was right and its technology was right. Released around 2003, it was the last generation of high-end CRT TVs produced by Sony. At that time, Sony was the leader in consumer televisions and this was their top model featuring the latest advances from their decades of experience. The picture quality of CRT technology is better than LCD and plasma as have been documented elsewhere.

Plasma and LCD televisions have replaced CRTs, because most consumers were more impressed by large screens and a thin shape rather than picture quality. New CRTs are no longer being manufactured, leaving the Sony KV-HR36M31 as the ultimate TV.

When it was released around 2003, it was sold for around AU$6000. Today, you can pick one up second-hand for a few hundred dollars.

Note: the Sony KV-HR36M31 and Sony KV-HR32M31 were the models sold in Australia. Sony sold slightly different models in different markets. For example, the KD-34XBR960 in the USA had a similar tube, but included HDMI and i.LINK (Firewire).