IT & Computing

Stuff for geeks

Secure emails with S/MIME
How to send and receive secure emails using digital signatures and encryption. Step by step instructions for Apple Mail and Thunderbird.
Creating slideshows with iPhoto and iDVD
How to use iPhoto and iDVD to create video DVDs from slideshows. This is how I do it to get good quality results.
DNS leaks
A technical description of the DNS leak problem with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and solutions to the problem.


Sony KV-HR36M31
The best TV ever made.

Stuff for non-geeks

Browsing tips and tricks
Tips and tricks for getting the most from your Web browser.
Security tips
Practice safe computing.

Web design

Colour picker
A page for choosing colours for Web pages. I wrote this a long time ago (when Web safe colours was an important element of good Web design), but it is still useful today.
How to use these new-fangled terms correctly. From the pedant in me.


Tunisia Trip
My trip to Tunisia with GPS data and illustrated itinery.